Jack Russell Altajara

Respect and commitment.
Life philosophy.

My name is Francisco Caro. I live in Trebujena, a small town in Cadiz. I will explain very briefly how I managed to make my dream come true, which is to keep a tight connection with the world of dogs. This is how I started breeding and selecting Jack Russell Terriers.

I have always loved dogs, a love that was not shared by my parents. This is why, despite my begging to them, I could never own a dog as a child. But children´s dreams overcome any obstacles. Since we lived in the countryside, both my friends and I always found out hiding places to give shelter to abandoned dogs, my first adventure companions.

As I started living alone, I decided to carry out my true passion: to breed pure bred dogs. I met then someone who would later become a very good friend, Manuel Caballero, another dog lover like me. Together, we decided to carry out this project. In 2002,  we created the Altajara kennel name, starting our project by first breeding Beagles, a breed to which we have been enthusiastically committed for quite a long time. Our efforts were sufficiently rewarded by our beagles with innumerable moments of joy.

Our objective was to breed healthy, beautiful, elegant, and well-tempered beagles. Besides, through much effort and dedication, we achieved excellent results at canine exhibitions. We are proud to have bred numerous champions within the beauty category in different countries.

In 2011, I received a Jack Russell puppy (Heartily Super Altajara Man).


His wonderful temperament soon captivated me and made me fall in love with his breed. This breed truly possesses all of the qualities I was looking for in a dog: they are loyal, cheerful, obedient, smart, pleasing, and goofy. I have never met another breed as funny as this one.

Nowadays, I am totally focused on this breed, using the same Altajara kennel name, and with the same goals and the same excitement as before. While Manuel continues being specialized in beagles, I now am centered on Jack Russell Terriers.home1

Breeding and selecting Jack Russell terriers is my dream, a very exciting, hard, and sacrificing hobbie that makes me immensely happy.

My aim is to breed in a responsible and careful manner, to raise healthy Jacks that remain faithful to the standard, both in morphology and in characater. Also, to continue to evolve and to improve, in order to be able to make my personal contribution to the preservation of this exciting breed.

francisco-caroFor further information about this breed, do not hesitate to contact us. My name is Francisco Caro.

My Judgment

At Altajara, we are committed to the breeding of Jack Russell Terriers. We aim at obtaining typical specimen whose beauty and personality obey the breed’s standard, free from any congenital health issues.

Although it would be easier, more economical, and less time-consuming to simply cross any males with our females, it is not our objective to carry out a “home-made” breeding. We always try our best to find the most excellent sires for our dams; to achieve this, we do not mind going as far as we need to, sometimes even to other countries, in order to obtain the best jack russell terrier puppies.

Purchasing a jack puppy is very simple and it could even be quite inexpensive in certain breeders or kennels; our objective, however, is not to make a living out of breeding jack russell puppies, but rather, to better the breed as much as possible, to commit to it, and to achieve an optimal jack prototype.

Because of our strong commitment to the breed, we at Altajara expose our puppies to different external stimuli at an early age to test their behaviours, reactions, and thus, figure out their future personalities.

How to choose your puppy: We offer some advice to the future dog owners about the perfect puppy, depending on the owners’ lifestyles. Since we know each of the puppy’s personalities, we inquire about the owner’s lifestyle: living in an apartment, in a house, with kids, etc, so that we can match each puppy with the owner that fits best the puppy’s personality.

Our litters are born at home, and our puppies grow next to their moms, while also receiving some stimuli such as toys, sounds, and smells. They are exposed to kids, other people, and animals, and they can explore around our gardens and our facilities. Thanks to our large facilities and to our geographic location, they grow in a healthy and balanced manner, surrounded by nature and by plenty of stimuli to help them develop an excellent temperament.

Because we consider each of our jack russell puppies one more member of our family, we will never mail any puppies. We are also very cautious about the destination of our puppies. Therefore, we like to establish a long-term relationship with the future owners, have them over our facilities to show them our puppies and discuss our breeding philosophy, chat about ways to take care of the puppy, and start a friendship to continue to know about the puppy, share pictures, or help with any doubts or issues they may have in the future. In those cases in which it is not possible for the future dog owner to visit our facilities, we transport the puppies in person so that we can meet the future owner.

Upon picking up your puppy:
Jack Russell puppies will be ready for pickup after 8 weeks of age, never earlier. We believe the puppies need to be with their moms until then, not only for feeding reasons, but also, because they learn many valuable behavioral lessons that they could only obtain from their mothers.


· Health certificate that includes all the vaccinations and dewormings the puppy received, according to the puppy’s age at the moment of purchase.

· Warranty of puppy replacement in case of virical or congenital health issues.

· 8-day guarantee of virical health issues.

· 1 year-guarantee of congenital health issues.

· Photocopies of parents’ Luxating Patella Certifications.

· Duplicate copy of the Lens Luxation (LL) certification of both parents.

· Duplicate copies of the parents’ beauty titles, if they possess any.

· Duplicate copies of the parents’ pedigree certifications.

· Duplicate copy of the puppy’s registration into the LOE (Spanish Origin Book) and later original copy of the aforementioned Book.

In addition to all the aforementioned items, the puppy’s owners will also receive:

· Selling contract, including a warranty.

· A small manual guide to assist in the care and training of the puppy, together with my breeding experience, which will be available at any moment you may need to contact me with questions.

Our reservations are limited and are usually complete before each litter is born, therefore, if you are interested in any of our puppies, you need to contact us as soon as possible.

We welcome visits to our facilities, but you need to let us know in advance since we may not be available. You will not find a common kennel in us, since neither our kennel nor our dogs are common ones.

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